Stichting Torenmuziek Moordrecht

Carilloneur Midori Conneman-Maeno plays the carillon regularly. Boudewijn Zwart plays occasionally.

Former carillonneur Maarten Siebel regularly adapts existing melodies for use in the carillon and composes new music for this instrument, which he then uploads to the carillon from Berlin.

The activities for the 2023 concert season are listed below.

ActivityDayDateTimeMusic group
Summer night concert, Mediterraans MoordrechtSaturday1st of July19:30Boudewijn Zwart, Midori Conneman-Maeno
JukeboxSaturday12th of Augustus14:30Richard de Waardt
Carillon and GuitarSaturday26th of Augustus11:00Frank Steijns on carillon and Jitse Zonneveld on electrical guitar
Carillon, keyboard and clarinetSaturday evening26th of Augustus20:00Boudewijn Zwart, Midori Conneman-Maeno and Gerard Spijkerman
Open monument day and Town fairSaturday9th of September11:00Midori Conneman-Maeno plays on the carillon
Last concert of the seasonSaturday evening30th of SeptemberTBDBoudewijn Zwart, daughter Lydia Zwart and storyteller Bert Rebergen