Stichting Torenmuziek Moordrecht

The festive opening of the renewed carillon in Moordrecht, in September 2011, was accompanied by the Moordrecht’s Carillon Festival 2011 contributed to by 5 carilloneurs. During the Moordrecht’s Carillon Festival 2012 six carilloneurs gave concerts. The Moordrecht’s Carillon Festival 2013 followed a different approach: not just one person makes music, but musicians on the floor make music together with the carilloneur in the tower. A carillon concert then becomes not just a listening but rather a listening and watching event.
The fifth Moordrecht’s Carillon Festival 2015 consists of 6 concerts: three by well-known Dutch carilloneurs (one concert in conjunction with a harpsichordist and a hoboist), three by local musicians of which one solo concert on ‘Monument Day’ (September 12).

DayDateTimeMusic group
Friday19 June19:00Frank Steijns from Maastricht
Saturday11 July13:00Gideon Bodden from Amsterdam
Saturday22 Aug13:00Moordrechts clarinet quintet along with the carillon played by Maarten Siebel
Saturday12 Sept13:00Maarten Siebel plays during Open Monumentendag
Saturday19 Sept13:00Shantykoor De MoordtZangers along with the carillon played by Maarten Siebel
Friday25 Sept19:30Festive final concert Boudewijn Zwart carillon with harpsichordist Elena Lelchuck & oboist Vladimir Skliarenko